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  • Do you ever have trouble going to sleep?

  • Do you ever have trouble staying asleep?

  • Do you experience erratic sleep for any reason? Nights of tossing and turning, staring at the ceiling?

  • Have you tried different things (read a book, watch TV...) to resolve your insomnia and nothing has worked?

EFT Is A Revolutionary Form Of Acupuncture To Transform All Your Sleep Problems

  • This simple method takes minutes to create a great nights sleep
  • EFT helps release all the negative emotions that feed your sleep problems
  • You’re not just treating the symptom – you are solving the underyling problem that prevents you from sleeping
  • You will gain increased inner peace
  • EFT dramatically reduces stress and anxiety


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine that believes there are 12 meridians that move throughout the body that brings energy to all the organs in the body. In acupuncture; needles are used to unblock the energy and restore health.

With EFT instead of using needles, you stimulate certain energy/meridian points on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips while you tune into your particular issue. By restoring the balance of the energy system, we are also neutralizing and reducing dissolving negative emotions. With EFT, you are harmonizing the energetic system which heals both physical and emotional pain. When your mind and body are aligned and balanced, you will sleep easier.

new-professional-picture-3x4Ruth is passionate about helping people who suffer insomnia and anxiety. She hopes not only to cure their sleep problems but also to create a powerful, inner transformation towards joy and inner peace.

Ruth has been a licensed mental health therapist and success coach for a combined thirty years. She has counseled thousands of clients seeking both inner and outer success. And most importantly, she self-treated and in fact cured the chronic insomnia she had suffered for over nineteen years.

Having gone through a similar experience to her readers, Ruth truly understands from both a personal and psychological view what you are facing. Having spent many years trying to sleep without success, years later, she learned the most powerful technique that she didn’t even believe would work for herself.

It is a privilege to guide you on your journey to blissful sleep and more fulfilled life!

May you have beautiful deep sleep and regain your vitality for life!

You will learn the exact method I used to solve your sleep problems

In The 4 Steps To Blissful Sleep Program you will discover:

  1. The critical pillars of sleep hygiene – simple actions you can take immediately
  2. How to release negative emotions quickly to improve your emotional state and well-being. The EFT technique is your key to success
  3. The special “tapping method” to go to sleep and stay asleep
  4. Participate in meditations to add to enhance your deep sleep

All you do is press the buttons in your DVD program, listen and tap on the meridian points. For a few minutes every day, you tap on stress and complete your evening tapping for sleep. Your insomnia will begin to melt away quickly. I love simple methods. And I love EFT because IT WORKS.

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There are even more benefits you’ll receive with this program

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As you balance your energetic system you will have:

  • Improved energy

  • Increased zest for life

  • More motivation to do things

  • Energy to exercise

  • Better overall mood

  • Enjoy better health

  • Control stress

  • And much more...

I wish you Blissful Sleep,

4 Steps To Blissful Sleep DVD Program plus 12 MP3 Supplements

You will receive the DVD program which includes:

  • How to do the EFT technique
  • The complete 4 step system to go to sleep and stay asleep
  • Menu for the key emotions – all you do is press the button and choose the feeling and tap on the meridian points for quick relief
  • A special nighttime insomnia tapping which takes minutes to do before sleep
  • Meditations for inner peace, rest and sleep

Plus 12 MP3’s which include:

  • This a a downloadable digital product. They are the specific processes to assist to sleep. You can download this to your computer, phone, iPod, MP3 player, which mean you can take this wherever you go. Now you have all the “tapping processes” ready to go.
  • I’ve also added a few extra Bonus tappings that are not included on the DVD.

DVD program Plus  the 12 MP3′s – $57

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What Others Are Saying...

cathyI am absolutely stunned how I have slept. I have tried everything. What a God send you are. Thanks so much.

Cathy L. Tigges, CTACC


Your insomnia tapping has been so beneficial…after one session, I found my sleep was deeper and longer than usual. What a great result since I didn’t think it would apply to me...

Hillary S.

For the last 19 years, after being diagnosed with PTSD, I suffered, and I do mean suffered with Insomnia. I tried prescription medication, they eventually stopped working. Then I went to over the counter sleeping meds. They left me tired all morning, and feeling spacey…. Then…I began using Ruth Stern’s Insomnia DVD. First 2 nights I slept for a few hours, woke up early, then Night #3….a MIRACLE. I slept 7 hours straight!! No wake up to use the ladies room, just pure wonderful sleep. I told myself that day…I am on to something! Again, Night 4….another 7 hours, Night 5….another 7 hours. It’s now Night 9 and I’m sleeping like a baby! …. I am no longer an Insomnia sufferer. Bliss! Thank you, Ruth, Thank you!!

Marny Minarsch

Through your DVD and with your personal counseling I am sleeping well and slowly cutting down on my meds. It's a new and happy life. You are without a doubt the most effective and important part of my recovery. I still use your tapping tape multiple times a week but amazingly fall asleep without it the majority of times. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sheila Nay

Approximately a year ago I began experiencing difficulty in sleeping. When I did sleep, it seemed not to be restful. Several months ago I discovered Ruth Stern’s DVD, “4 Simple Steps To Blissful Sleep DVD. I started using this method as taught by Ruth. The results have been wonderful and I now fall asleep at night, quickly and easily. If I wake up in the night I am able to promptly fall back to sleep.

Bruce J. Simpson

90dayBecause I’m confident that you will find the 4 Steps To Blissful Sleep Program , so effective to overcome your sleep problems;   I’m offering you the following guarantee: If by the end of 30 days (from the time of purchase) you don't think this program is worth your investment, mail back your DVD program  and I will give you a prompt and courteous refund

Your about to learn a life changing and sleep changing technique that is so simple and yet so profound!

May you have great sleep and joy in your life!

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